Lash & Brow Tinting

- No further treatments on treated area for 24 hours.

- Do not wear eye make-up for at least 8 hours (24 hours if possible)

- Use no chemical on eyes for at least 8 hours (24 hours if possible) this includes swimming etc..

- Return to treatment provider if you notice any unusual reactions. Do not rub eyes if they are sore or irritation has occurred.

- Return to treatment provider for next treatment every 4-6 weeks.

- Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily.

- Use a face mask once a week, but not before a special occasion in case it causes blemishes.

- Exfoliate once a week, except a greasy skin, which can be applied twice a week.

- When applying skin care products, use massage movements, do not drag the skin.

- Always use specialised products suitable for your skin type and follow the manufacturers directions.

- Do not apply make-up straight after a facial as the effects of the treatment continue for 24-48 hours.

- Dermalogica facial products are available for sale in the salon.
Pedicure & Manicure

It is important for you to know how to care of your nails, hands and feet at home, to ensure that the treatment is beneficial and the results are maximised.

- Wear protective gloves when doing gardening or doing housework.

- Always wear gloves in cold weather.

- Dry hands and feet (especially between toes) thoroughly after washing and apply cream/moisturiser.

- Avoid hard soaps when washing hands.

- Change socks or tights daily.

- Ensure that footwear fits properly.

Before arriving for your waxing appointment, it is crucial to prepare to get the best possible result.

- Gently exfoliate waxed areas at least once a week, discourage in-growing hair.

- Avoid direct skin exposure for at least 24hrs before waxing.

- Consider what clothing are worn, the area will be sensitive after, loose clothing are recommended.

General Aftercare (for 24 hours)

- No heat or UV treatments.

- No hot baths or showers

- Do not touch or scratch the area.

- No self-tanning products

- Thoroughly exfoliate the night before.

- Wax any areas at least 48 hours before self tan application.

- Shower before the tan if possible

- Do not wear any moisturisers or anti-perspirants into the salon

- Get the self tan protection lotion which enhances the overall tanning experience with an uncompromising focus on skincare and performance. (available in salon)
After the Tan

- Avoid anything that might exfoliate your skin.

- Do not shower or exercise for at least 8 hours.

- Avoid swimming, saunas or long hot baths.

- Moisturise your skin, to help ensure a healthy glow.
Nail Extensions

- Have the nails regularly maintained (infilled), to keep them attractive and strong.

- Do not pull nails off if they start to lift, have them professionally removed.

- Do not use the nail extensions as extra tools (i.e to prise lids off).

- Avoid having extensions too long for lifestyle.

- Wear gloves for wet/dirty jobs.

- Use hand cream and cuticle oil regularly to lubricate the area

- Do not bite the nails or the skin surrounding them.

- If you break one of your structures, return to treatment provider.